Papaya Young Directors is a competition based on developing films for sponsors |14.03.21

To participate in the competition:

  • log in to your contestant panel
  • submit an idea for a film — a director’s explication, inspired by the brief provided by a given brand or artist
  • upload the document to your contestant panel

The contestant panel will be launched alongside the eight edition of the competition, i.e. on February 15, 2021. On that day we will also be releasing all the artist and brand briefs, which the contestants will use as a basis for their ideas (director’s explications) for commercials (for brands) or music videos (for artists). 

The contestant can submit their explications in three categories: 

  • Branded Stories (commercials)
  • Music Stories (music videos)
  • Vertical Stories by Facebook (vertical films)

In this year’s edition, the Vertical Stories by Facebook category will grow with the addition of a new subcategory — Women’s Stories, which will feature films produced for foundations involved in the fight for women’s rights and gender equality.